All You Need to Know about Rose Bud Tea

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All You Need to Know about Rose Bud Tea

All about Rose Bud Tea

Roses, the queen of flowers and the flower that we all cherish. This magnificent one is the symbol of love, beauty, and happiness. So when you gift a bouquet of roses to your loved ones, did you know that this flower is packed with loads of natural goodness other than its beauty? If not, it’s time to know everything.

So how to turn this lovely roses into a delicious tea?

Our divine roses are originated in renowned Rose Valley of Bulgaria and are organically grown to make sure it is a safe product to consume.  This valley is famous for its rose cultivations that go back to centuries and the roses are appreciated and celebrated every year. 

When it comes to preparation, the fresh buds are simply dehydrated to make rosebud tisanes, and the organic rosebuds tea are free from any artificial chemical sprayings.

How to brew?

This is the background story of this lovely beverage. Not only is the backstory it important to know to brew this properly.

The recommendation is to steep rose buds for 4 to 5 minutes in hot water at 150° F temperature and use a covered glass or ceramic teapot for this purpose.  You could use around 2 teaspoons of rosebuds for every 500ml of water. Once brewed it is ideal to use a glass or double wall glass cups for presenting so that the beautiful brew is visible. However, you could still brew this little longer if you prefer somewhat stronger tea.

This exquisite brew has sweet and floral taste notes and also lovely fragrance of rose to make it more appealing to drink.  The tea has mild and calming properties, yet it will act as a wonderful refresher to lift your day.

Benefits of Rose Bud Tea

As it was indicated earlier in this article the rosebuds are packed with loads of natural goodness. Especially evidence could be found from ancient Chinese medicine books that the people used to consider this as a form of medicine. The buds are known to contain a higher amount of vitamin C and the polyphenol group called “Catechins”. In addition to these, the rosebuds are also known to have caffeine but the concentrations are less than that of tea or coffee. Combination of all these natural components makes rosebud tea a healthy beverage and some of the benefits includes, easing depression, soothes the nerves, benefits circulation and reduces indigestion. Few main benefits are listed below.

Antioxidant properties

Polyphenols in rosebud tea is a wonderful antioxidant. These antioxidants can neutralize free radicals inside your body and thereby reduce the risk of cancer.  Further, it helps your body cells to repair and regenerate. Of course, there are many other foods and beverages that also contain antioxidants. But rosebud tea is one of the most delicious ways to get ample amounts of antioxidants to your body

Stimulant properties

Rosebud tea contains caffeine at perfect levels. For those who are worried about taking too much caffeine to your body, this is the perfect alternative. As it was indicated earlier rosebud tea has less caffeine compared to that of tea and coffee.  This could stimulate your central nerves system without making you too nervy. Further, it will boost your body's metabolism as well.

Boost your body performances

Vitamin C that you get from your daily cup of rosebud tea, improves your body functions in miraculous ways. This boosts the immune system and also helps to get a healthy skin and bones. Vitamin c also is known to be helpful in absorbing iron to the body. 

Beautifying and antiaging properties

One other benefit associated with rose tea is that it gives you more radiant complexion and improve the skin conditions. Further, it will remove dark spots and maintain better PH levels on the skin.

Finally, the combination of vitamin C, caffeine, and the polyphenols will keep you young with its anti-aging properties. 

When is the best time to have Rose Bud Tea?

Rosebud tea is a perfect daily drink - When looking at the benefits that you get from rosebud tea, there is nothing to worry, you can take it as a regular daily drink.

When you suffer from cold and fluRosebud tea is a renowned home remedy for a sore throat and all other common cold and flu symptoms due to the vitamin C content.

When you have digestion problems – the rose tea can help to resolve some common digestion problems such as diarrhea and constipation as it is a natural detoxifying agent.

When you suffer from menstrual painFor ladies who love roses, it would be great news to know that roses are one for the common remedy for menstrual cramps and have zero side effects.

When you need to calm down – This beverage can calm your mind, reduce stress while improving your mood, and treat other anxiety and depression symptoms. Moreover, it will ease your mind and help you get a good night’s sleep.

When you need help with urinary tract infections – As most of the other herbal beverages, the Rosebud tea too can help you to control and relieve urinary infections and symptoms. This tea is a natural diuretic thus it enhances the urination.